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   Zheng Xin Felt is a leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial felt and nonwoven products since 1972. With some of the most advanced technologies in felt processing,we are devoted to meet the demanding standards of today’s high-tech industries.
Our factory is built upon four major strings: Felt Manufacturing, Felt Fitting, Felt coloring and Wool Pashm Factory. We specialize in producing Cotton Pashm, Cashmere, Fine White Felt, Middle-Thick Felt, Colored Felt, Folk-Used Felt, Puncture Felt, Stainless Steel Polishing Felt, Wool Felt Wheel, Wool Felt Piece, Technology 'Majian' Felt and Chemical Fiber Felt.
We have gained a vast experiance in trading with overseas countries such as Australia, England, Germany, Japan, U.S, South Korea and more than 20 provinces in China.Our product’s trade mark was approved and registrated by "Endure", which according to the national Check Bureau earned the "worth-believed products" standard.
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